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The Effects and Dangers of Flooding on Your Trees

The Effects and Dangers of Flooding on Your Trees

Hurricanes and heavy rainstorms are an unfortunate fact of life in Florida. These storms can cause mild to catastrophic flooding. Strong winds typically cause severe damage to your trees and your property. Of course, it’s important to first call a certified arborist to look at any damaged trees so they can advise you on the best course of action.


Before you hire a company, you want to make sure the company you choose is a professional tree company who is licensed and insured with experience in hurricane relief and clean up, like Florida’s Tree Masters.


Besides the obvious clean up that needs to be taken care of after a large storm, have you ever thought about how flooding affects your trees?


Soil Erosion


The first threat is fast moving waters around the tree. This can erode the soil around the root system and leave the roots susceptible to damage and disease. This also may weaken the roots, which can affect the structural integrity and stability of the tree.


Again, it’s very important to immediately call a certified arborist when this happens to assess the situation make sure your tree isn’t at risk at falling due to exposed roots and causing damage to your property. If this is the case, it might be best to remove the tree.


Standing waters can also cause severe stress to your tree. The severity of the danger depends on the age of the tree, the kind, and mainly the depth of the water how long the water is there.


Standing Water


The most common problem with standing water is the reduction of the oxygen supply in the soil. Oxygen is vital to trees, but in flooded soil there is very little room for oxygen. Nitrogen is also vital for trees. When the oxygen supply runs out, the tree then uses the nitrogen in the soil to survive. This results in the nitrogen supply depleting very quickly.


Symptoms of lack of oxygen and nitrogen for a tree are wilted or discolored foliage, stunted growth, and branch dieback. In extreme cases, it can also cause root death or tree death.


Another harmful effect of flooded soil is a change in the pH levels. Also, standing water over a long period of time can result in the production of harmful gasses like ethanol. Both of these issues can seriously threaten the root system.


Prevention & How We Can Help


Obviously, we can’t prevent floods, but the best way to protect your trees and give them the best shot of making it through flooding unscathed is by proper tree care. Florida’s Tree Masters is the only company in Florida certified to inoculate your trees to treat and prevent any number of diseases, infections, or pest infestations. A healthy and strong tree has a better chance of surviving big storms.


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