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Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief – September 2018

On September 1st, 2018, the National Weather Service watched as a weather system in the east Atlantic developed into a tropical storm. They called it Florence. Four days later, the tropical storm became the first major hurricane in the east Atlantic Ocean in 2018. As the now Category 4 hurricane set its sights on the coast of the Carolinas, a federal emergency declaration was issued on the 10th. 


Four days later, on September 14th, Hurricane Florence made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane on the coast of North Carolina near Wrightsville Beach. It began to lose strength, but the storm was making its way across the state at less than 6 mph. This meant that massive amounts of rain and strong winds devastated the Carolinas for days.  


“It was heartbreaking,” remembers Florida’s Tree Masters owner, Joe Mazzo. “You drive down the street and both sides of the road are just lined with debris and furniture and mattresses, everything. Some of these people lost everything. The only thing we thought was, ‘how can we help?’”


Florida’s Tree Masters was there with a 12 man crew before the wind and rain even stopped. As soon as it was safe, they went to work to contribute what they could to the disaster relief efforts.


For nearly a month, Florida’s Tree Masters traveled up and down the coast of North Carolina removing entire trees and limbs off of houses, clearing yards of downed trees, and taking out trees that had all but snapped in half.


“Last year we went to Texas for Hurricane Harvey and Miami for Irma,” said David Jones, Florida’s Tree Masters certified arborist. “Because of that, we were pretty well prepared for Florence. We knew what to do. But seeing all the devastation…I don’t think we’ll ever get used to that.”


Hurricane Michael


Hurricane Michael is currently making its way toward the Florida panhandle. Florida’s Tree Masters is preparing to head up there less than a week after returning from North Carolina.


“We have a crew that is staying in Central Florida, and the rest of us are getting ready to go. This is our home state, you know? We have to go. We have to help,” says Mazzo.



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