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What Is A Certified Arborist?

When researching different tree services, you’ll often find that they talk about being certified arborists. Any title with the word “certified” in front of it sounds great. But what does it really mean to be a certified arborist?




Arboriculture is defined as the cultivation of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Naturally, an arborist is a professional with a vast knowledge of the study of arboriculture.


More specifically, though, arborists are trained to properly and safely take care of trees. This includes pruning, removals, diagnosing and treating trees, and much more.


The key word here is properly. Improper tree maintenance can affect the aesthetics of trees. More importantly, though, it can be a serious liability. When a tree is not cared for correctly it could lead to personal or property damage.




Becoming a certified arborist involves passing an exam from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This is no easy task. To even be eligible to take this exam, you must have one of the following: three years of experience in the field, a two-year degree relating to arboriculture plus two years of field experience, or a four-year degree plus one year of field experience.


The exam tests you on many different areas of arboriculture. This includes tree biology, diagnosis and treatment, and safe work practices.


Why Florida’s Tree Masters Stands Out


Florida’s Tree Masters has a combined total of 30+ years of experience in the field. Our arborist is not only certified through the ISA, but also has a degree in phytopathology and horticulture.


This means that when you hire us, you know you are getting the best in the business. We are professional, experienced, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the tree industry.


Not only can we properly prune and remove trees, we can also diagnose and treat a number of different issues such as bacteria, diseases, nutrient imbalances, and more. Our team is prepared to create the perfect plan to create the perfect landscape around your home or office. Call us today at (386) 320-3169 or visit us online to request a free quote.



Floridas Tree Masters is a tree service with the top rated tree surgeons/arborists in the Volusia County area. Serving Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet, DeLand, New Smyrna Beach, Deltona, and surrounding cities. Floridas Tree Masters has years of experience in tree care, including tree removal and tree pruning. Affordable, licensed and insured, and always free estimates.


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