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Oak Wilt



Oak wilt is a highly destructive vascular disease that affects all species of oaks. However, some species are better able to combat the disease than others.


Oak wilt is caused by a fungus that invades the vascular system of the tree. The symptoms include browning or yellowing of leaves, defoliation, or branch dieback. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to contact an educated, trained tree surgeon so they can properly diagnose and treat your trees.


Unfortunately, this fungus spreads very easily from tree to tree. It is spread by pests that carry the fungus from the infected tree to open wounds in healthy oaks.


It can also spread quickly to surrounding oaks of the same species once a tree is infected. This happens through interconnected root systems, so oaks that are close together are at greater risk.


Oak Wilt Treatment


Oak wilt is a very destructive disease, so treatment options are limited. But by early detection, certain species may be able to recover through proper treatment.


Once a tree is infected, it is probably best to remove the tree and disconnect the infected roots from the healthy roots of other trees.


Oak Wilt Prevention


When it comes to oak wilt, prevention is your best bet to save your oaks. Injecting fungicides into the tree is a highly effective preventative measure. Another important solution for prevention is proper pruning since the fungus spreads through open wounds. If you have questions about oak wilt preventionĀ or solutions, call our team of certified arborists atĀ (386) 320-3169 today!


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