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Holes in Trees: Where do They Come From?

Tiny to medium sized holes in your trees could be bad news. Not only do the holes affect the bark, which serves as protection for your tree, but these holes could actually cause tree death. The holes disrupt the flow of water and nutrients within the tree which can be deadly. Read on to find out which pests and birds may cause this.


If you notice these holes, call an accredited tree surgeon so they can pinpoint what is causing these holes and take action to find a solution.


The cause of holes in the bark of a tree typically comes from either wood-boring insects or birds.


Insects (Pests)


There are many different species of wood-boring pests and beetles that feed on the wood in a tree. Some feed on the wood closer to the bark and others feed on wood further within the tree. However, they usually go through a similar process:


  1. A mature insect burrows into the trunk to lay eggs.
  2. The larvae that emerge from the eggs feed on the wood within the tree.
  3. When the larvae are mature they exit out of the trunk of the tree, which causes those little holes.


The size of the hole depends on the species. For example, certain types of moths make significantly larger holes than beetles.




Unfortunately, a tree that shows advanced symptoms of wood-boring pest damage is usually past the point of salvation. At that point, the tree will most likely need to be removed.


The best plan of action is prevention through proper tree care. These pests target trees that are weakened from stress, environmental factors, or injuries. Examples of environmental factors are extreme heat or drought. Tree injuries include pruning injuries or other wounds in the trunk/branches.




Woodpeckers make holes in the wood so they can get their food. Some species eat the insects in the tree and others, like Sapsuckers, feed on the sap in the wood. You can tell if it is a woodpecker instead of an insect by the look of the holes.


Woodpeckers make larger holes in the bark than most insects. Sapsuckers tend to make holes in horizontal or vertical lines.


The holes caused by birds leave the tree more susceptible to other pests getting in.




The main solution to protect your trees from woodpeckers is creating some kind of cage or net around the trunk of the tree. That way the birds can’t get to the trunk at all. The team at Florida’s Tree Masters is qualified to assess issues and protect your trees. Call (386) 320-3169 or visit us online for a free quote on Tree Care Service.



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