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It’s Time to Stop Putting Off Pruning Your Trees

You see a few dead or dying limbs on your trees. Maybe some leaves are brown and falling off.
But that’s a problem for another time, right?


Definitely not!

Unfortunately, many people think that tree pruning and trimming is optional and
more for aesthetics than anything else. Although regular maintenance does keep your trees
pretty, there’s more to it than that.


Leaving dead branches on your tree means they can fall at any time, especially with the high
winds that are common here, in Central Florida. This can cause personal injury, damage to property, or
downed power lines.


Also, getting rid of dead limbs leaves room for new and healthy limbs to grow, which will make
your tree stronger and reduce the risk of disease.


Safety First

Regular and proper tree pruning can be vital to your trees health and your own safety. The word
proper is key here. Attempting to do this yourself can be seriously dangerous, as can hiring an
inexperienced and unprofessional tree service.


With improper tree trimming, you run the risk of fatally damaging your tree, compromising the
structural integrity by creating an unstable weight balance, or personal injury.




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