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Tree Growth How You Can Help Your New Trees Thrive - Floridas Tree Masters - Volusia County

Tree Growth: How You Can Help Your New Trees Thrive

About a month ago our professional tree surgeons here at Florida’s Tree Masters put together a tutorial video on how to plant a tree. You learn more, watch our Video Tutorial: How To Plant A Tree.


This video explains each step to successfully planting a tree that will be able to grow healthy and strong. However, we don’t talk too much about what to do after your tree is planted.


It’s All in The Roots


From initial planting to the tree care afterward, the goal is to make it as easy as possible for the tree to establish strong, solid roots. Without a solid root system, the tree will be weak, vulnerable and unstable.


We talk about that a few times in the video. You want to be sure to cut any tightly packed roots when the new tree comes out of the pot to prevent girdling roots. When you put the tree in the hole and replace the soil do not make it too compact.


Lastly, when you stake the tree leave a little slack on the straps that attach to the stake and tree. If it’s too tight the tree will rely on the stakes instead of establishing roots.


Now that your tree is planted you still need to take good care of the roots for at least a year (even with your help, tree growth is a long process! Be patient). The most important factor is proper watering.


There’s More to Watering Than You Think


Unfortunately, spraying the ground around the tree for a few minutes is probably not good enough. Mostly because in order for it to be effective it needs to permeate the soil a few inches to reach the roots. This is called deep watering.


There are several tools to help with deep watering. For example, a deep root irrigator is an effective tool to get the water down to the roots.


A tricky aspect of watering is that you don’t want to underwater or overwater since both of these will be harmful to the tree. The goal is to keep the soil damp, but it also needs to periodically dry to oxygenate the soil.


Overall Care


It’s always a good idea to take good care of your trees in general since trees in urban forests statistically live a fraction of the life of a forest tree.


The first way you can do this is to keep an eye out for any abnormal changes in the appearance of your tree. Learn more about some of these symptoms. If anything starts to look off, call a certified arborist just to be safe (don’t worry, estimates from Florida’s Tree Masters are totally free).


Proper pruning,  good mulching, and caution when using machines near the tree are all vital to your tree when it’s growing up.


What Else?


Florida’s Tree Masters offers a unique service. We’re certified to inject trees with different types of antibiotics, fungicides, nutrients, and more depending on the needs of your tree. To learn more, call us today at (386) 320-3169 to schedule your estimate with our highly experienced tree surgeons.


Floridas Tree Masters is a tree service with the top rated tree surgeons/arborists in the Volusia County area. Serving DeBary, Ormond-By-The-Sea, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and surrounding cities. Floridas Tree Masters has years of experience in tree care, including tree removal and tree pruning. Affordable, licensed and insured, and always free estimates.

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