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Professional Tree Removal Service Ormond Beach, FL

Florida’s Tree Masters provides a professional tree removal service for homeowners in Ormond Beach, FL. We also provide tree trimming and tree maintenance. Our service area includes Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, Edgewater, Palm Coast and other communities throughout Central Florida.

Trees are a vital asset to any property.  When trees are healthy they provide shade, clean the air, and enhance curb appeal.  But when trees become infected with disease, are overgrown or are a safety hazard, they often need to be removed.

Safe, Professional Tree Removal Services

We provide safe, professional tree removal services for any size tree and will facilitate the necessary permits for Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, Edgewater, Palm Coast, Port Orange or your locality.  When you have one or more trees that require removal, our certified arborist will inspect the tree onsite. This will help us determine the manpower and equipment that will need to be allocated for the tree removal. Tall trees and those near roof lines or power lines require special equipment to ensure maximum safety and to protect property.

Our professional tree removal technicians will secure the tree, and the area, prior to safely cutting down the tree to remove it from the property. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to remove a tree, depending on the size and location. Trees that are in precarious positions, or near power lines, may need to be cut manually using a saw. Power saws are used when it is safe to do so. Since our tree removal service also includes stump grinding, there is no hazardous stump to trip over. We provide complete property clean-up and will haul away any debris.

Tree Trimming & Tree Maintenance

We highly recommend homeowners and businesses sign up for our tree trimming and tree maintenance service. These services are designed to promote healthy tree growth and maintain your curb appeal.

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