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Wood Decay in Trees

Wood decay, or wood rot, is a natural occurrence in dead trees. It is nature’s way of “recycling” dead trees to be replaced with new trees. It is caused by different types of fungus that feed on moist wood and essentially infect the tree from the inside out. The fungi enters through wounds in the tree. It mostly targets old trees.


Of course, dead trees on your property need to be removed because they are at risk of falling and damaging you or your property.


But what about wood decay in living trees?


It is a common misconception that the affected part of the tree can be removed to make the tree healthy again and extend its lifespan. In reality, this does more harm than good. Besides, the real problem is most likely deeper than what is on the surface.


Trees cannot create new, healthy tissue to replace the damaged portion of the tree. They can only seal themselves. Also, leaving a giant wound in the tree leaves it very susceptible to other diseases or infections.


What to do


If you notice signs of wood rot in your trees, the first thing you need to do is called a certified tree surgeon. They will assess the affected tree to create a plan of action.


Unfortunately, if the damage is extensive the tree will need to be removed. The stability and strength of the tree will be greatly reduced and leave it at risk for falling.


However, if the tree is young and healthy and the affected area is small, it might be able to seal the damage itself and no intervention is necessary.


If the arborist sees fit, through proper treatment and care there is a much higher likelihood that the tree will survive without weakening any further.




The best plan of action is through prevention. These solutions include proper and regular maintenance, such as pruning and fertilization.


This is why it is important to hire an experienced tree service with an ISA certified arborist. Improper pruning could leave the tree susceptible to wood rot and other infections. The team at Florida’s Tree Masters is ready to help! For a free quote, call our office at (386) 320-3169 or visit us online and complete our contact form today.


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